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Taking the Oath

2018-2019 District Seven Board: George Hays [past president], Harlan Mathews [treasurer], Janet Langemeir [secretary], Suzanne Shapiro [president]; Executive Board: George Hayner, Lynda Goggin, Alice Beers, Tootie Chittenden. CSA president Jay Davidson administering the oath.

I would like to welcome our two new Executive Board Members, Alice Beers [president of Foothills] and George Hays [head referee and rules committee] and look forward to working with them.

Our two outgoing members are Carol Anderson and Dennis Iszler. We will miss them and thank them for serving on the Executive Board. Unless you work with someone on a committee or are a member of their club it is hard to appreciate all they do for shuffleboard. For that reason and many others I'd like to share what I know and have learned about Carol and Dennis.

Carol has a wealth of experience in all aspects of shuffleboard and beyond. Having been a team captain, club president, auditor, board member, committee member for our Ray Patterson Picnic, Classic Tournament, chairperson for the Marty Awards , organizer of Hemet Muni’s many shuffleboard events, and head scorekeeper her contributions to shuffleboard are vast, varied and invaluable. Hemet Muni is a municipal asset, which requires a liaison to works with the city of Hemet. When Carol was president of Hemet Muni she was that person. She was able to get the roof fix, the walls painted and attention was given to the homeless issues in the park. Even though she is leaving the executive board, we look forward to working with Carol in all her other capacities.

Dennis Iszler is a reliable resource for all rules, regulations and procedures for District Seven Shuffleboard. He has been the ATM at Hemet Muni for the Classic, tournament referee, rules committee member and was instrumental in helping Janet Langemeir organize our Ray Patterson Picnic. He is the one who baked all those yummy cookies we had last year. Unfortunately, Dennis is moving out of Hemet to live with his sister. Hopefully, he will regain his health and move back to Hemet in the near future. He will be missed by so many who have come to know him. Thank you Dennis for all you've done for our shuffleboard community.

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