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Tournament of Champions 2024

This non-sanctioned Tournament. created by D7 President George Hayner. was restricted to only the winners from last year, with 42 participants.  It was a single elimination 12 frame game event on March 14-15 at Villa Del Monte.  All winners received a commemorative pin delivered on decorative card, and the First Place Winner gets their name engraved on the traveling Plaque.

Thanks to our ATM Jeannie Gregory, Head Scorekeepers Jeannie and Tootie Chittenden, Head Referee George Hayner, and of course the board crew.


Award Pins and Cards


District 7 President George Hayner presenting the Tournament Winner Tootie Chittenden with the Traveling Plaque

The Winners

Awards presented by District 7 President George Hayner and Villa Del Monte Club Presedent Krisi Brinegar

The Winners (left to right):

First place - Jay Davidson (The Lakes at Hemet West); Second place - Howard Harrell (Foothills of Hemet); Third place - Harlan Mathews (El Grande Estates); Fourth place - Ken Norris (The Lakes at Hemet West)

The Gallery

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