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California Shuffleboard Association

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Letter to the Editor of the Chronicle in Hemet:


I would like to get the word out to all Hemet Valley Residents; especially our Senior Citizens about the great game of Shuffleboard. This is an excellent way for those between the ages of 18 and 104+ to be mobile, get exercise, make new friends, improve your physical and mental awareness and most of all have fun. More specifically, Shuffleboard involves strategy which keeps your brain engaged and constantly learning. It also includes eye-hand coordination and balance - all skills that can be developed, improved or preserved. The social aspect is particularly rewarding. Competing as a team creates a special comradery and close friendships inevitably develop. Hemet is known as “Shuffleboard Heaven “because we have so many indoor boards - rain or shine - we can play anytime in a safe, controlled environment. If you join one of our local clubs you are eligible to play in District 7, California, USA, and International tournaments. The cost to play shuffleboard is negligible -dues are $15 a year. Our District 7 shuffleboard teams are looking for players with abilities from never having played before to expert players. The clubs in our league are: El Grande Estates, Foothills of Hemet, Golden Village Palm, Hemet Municipal, Hemet West, Heritage Ranch, Mountain Shadows, Seven Hills, Sierra Dawn South, Sierra Dawn Southeast, Sun City, and Villa Del Monte. Some of these clubs are closed to residents only but many are open to anyone who wants to play. Our league play starts in October and ends in March. There are tournaments to watch, go to the district 7 website at for more information. Hemet Municipal is the host of the OLDlympics shuffleboard competition this year from Sept 17th-20th. There are several clubs that are open for practice now as well as the team practice starting soon. When you are ready to get out to meet new friends, have fun, and exercise your mind and body please contact: Cecil Burt, 951-765-7181 for more information.

-Cecil Burt, August 5, 2018

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