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Al Elias Memorial Tournament 2023

The Inaugural Al Elias Memorial Tournament

was held Sierra Dawn SE on August 22-24, 72 players competed for prizes sponsored by the HCN Bank.

The finals were an exhibition of exceptional shuffleboard playing ability all around, culminating with an exciting championship round ending in a tie going into playoffs, then being decided by a single lag.

Thanks to the
people who put on this event, including: Tournament ATM's Jeannie Gregory & Alice Beers, Head Scorekeeper Tootie Chittenden, Head Referee George Hayner, and the Board Crew. 

Special thanks to Betty and Annette Elias and family for their generous donations of food and enthusiastic dedication to
christen the first annual Al Elias Memorial!                      

A very special display of Al Eliases memorabilia was put together by the Elias family, including his wife Betty Elias and their daughter Annette Elias (who played in the tournament!) - WELL DONE!

Numerous exotic and unusual treats were also donated - who knew that you could get a chocolate filled crepe in a wrapper!

The Eliases gave thank-you gifts to all those who made this possible

Betty and Annette Elias

Left to right (back): George Hayner, Tootie Chittenden, Carol Anderson, Alice Beers, Jeannie Gregory, Roger Kroger, Betty Elias, Pat Ellis, and in front Annette Elias

Four gift baskets were raffled off

collecting $300 along with matching funds from SDSE, all to be donated to the red cross to help with the Lahina disaster!

The Awards




to the




Bob Crull (it's never too late)

Bill Reams (first singles)

~ Awards presented by Pat Ellis, President of SDSE Shuffleboard Club

The Winners



The Gallery

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