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Spread the word about shuffleboard with the candidates

This message was from Mike Garrett:

Yesterday, I was at the Chamber of Commerce and met with Cyndi Lemke the Executive Director (on another matter). She knows how important shuffleboard is to the Hemet, San Jancito community, however she has never played shuffleboard.

The Chamber is having an open house to meet the candidates running for state and local offices on June 2nd at Derby's Bar & Grill at 2860 W. Florida Ave. suite B , Hemet, CA it is next door to the Hemet Bowling lanes. between 5 pm to 7 pm. Refreshments will be served. I think it is very important that we participate and ask pertinent questions regarding Hemet Muni and let these candidates know that as a group we compose 300 shufflers who vote.So spread the word and get as many shufflers to attend. The Chamber does not endorse any candidates.

All the best,


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