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Ray Patterson Kick-off Picnic

The annual D7 picnic was held Sept 30, 2022 at the Four Seasons Plaza, with food donated and catered by Miller-Jones Mortuary, which was delightful! Since the clubs donated sodas and water, and the music was "provided" by Pandora on a portable speaker, costs were minimal. Therefore the "50/50" drawing was converted into a 22/78 split, with the 78% prize portion being split four ways, or $90 each. Not bad for free food and music with friends (especially for the double winning Davidson's!) Plus there was a Corn Hole competition, which turned out to be quite a popular attraction.

Congratulations to the Corn Hole Contest Champions

Left to right: Dennis Vincent and Mike Zepeda

Prizes: corny T-shirt and a corny hat

Nice day, but the flag kept blowing down...

Left to right George Hayner (president), and Janet Langemeier (secretary)

And some hungry people...

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