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Team Spirit Abounds

Thanks to our co-captains Dawn and Mike Gogan for pulling the team together with ideas only a former cheerleader and jock would think of: "Do we have a name and team colors?" As a result of their skill set we all wore -black and white with "Hot Shots" name tags. Thanks to Len Sweet for coming up with the team name.

Our laggers, Bill Caslar, Loren Nelsen, Nelda Lichtwald got us yellow all but one time - thank you very much. Our skyrocket to the top of the charts was a team effort of course - loved every minute of it even though the boards are challenging, the good natured competitive spirit of the teams made it an exceptional event.

A big "Thank You" to Helen Bell, Rita Dietrich, Kerry Selwig and all the volunteers that helped make this tournament so much fun.

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