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Bonspiel Tournament 2024

Hemet Muni is the site of the annual Bonspiel which took place June 3-5.  This is a favorite (except for "kitchen shooters") because kitchens don't count!  Instead all entrants are divided into 4 divisions based on the first day's two games wins/losses.  Then, while competing solely within their own division, they play two games a day for a total of 6. 

The winners in each division are determined by the game points (2 points for a win, 1 for a tie, and 0 for a loss).  When there are ties for the number of game points, the total spread points determine the ranking.

This year there was a 3-way tie for First Place in Red (all undefeated)! Therefore they were ranked by their spread points.

Special thanks to ATMs Carol Anderson and Alice Beers, Head Referee Ron Dewberry, Head Scorekeeper Carol Blasingame, the Board Crew, the Lunch Crew, and the Grant from the
HCN Bank!

bruno only.jpg
sam alone.jpg


Sam Salas, Champion as a Rookie!

Bruno Nikolin, First-Time Winner!

The Winners

Presenting the awards is Everett Harbison, President of Hemet Muni Shuffleboard Club

Red (Won first two games)

Blue (Won first game, lost second)

Green (Lost first game, won second)

Purple  (Lost first two games)

Farewell to Carol and Jack Anderson for their many years of Service

The Gallery

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