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Oldlympics 2023

The Valley-Wide Recreational District's Oldlympics shuffleboard tournament (not a District 7 tournament) was held at Hemet Muni Sept. 18-21, where 55 players competed for this year's Medals. The awards ceremony will be at 3:30 PM on October 3rd at 901 W. Esplanade, San Jacinto.

Special thanks to all the D7 volunteers (in tie-dyed shirts) who put this all together!

Everything looked calm, then a few shots later...

Just when you think you've seen it all!


Left to right: First Place - Clark Wilson (MS); Second Place - Everett Harbison (HM); Third Place - Ron Dewberry (HM); and Fourth Place - Tootie Chittenden (LHW)


Left to right: First Place - Terry Wallace (SDSE); Second Place - Harlan Mathews (EGE); Third Place - Martha Gasche (FH); and Fourth Place - Brenda Jackson (7-H)

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