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Helen Bell Friendship Team Tournament

The Helen Bell Team Tournament was held at Villa Del Monte on July 24-5, with 4 teams competing for pins and certificates. It was good to hear from Helen on speakerphone near the start.

Best wishes Helen!

Handing out the awards were Krisi Brinegar (President Villa Del Monte shuffleboard club) and Jay Davidson (promoter).


First Place: Harlan Globetrotters (Team 4), Captain: Pat Ellis

Second Place: Shuffle Bug (Team 2), Captain: Krisi Brinegar

Third Place: Barbenheimer (Team 1), Captain: Jay Davidson

Fourth Place: Heinz 57 (Team 3), Captain: DeDe Malone

Various prizes were raffled off at the end, including kitchenware and meal gift certificates!

A fun time was had by all!

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