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Bulletin Board

New to Shuffleboard?

My name is Alice Beers and I'm president of district seven shuffleboard. We are excited about your interest in learning shuffleboard. 

Please help me get you started by giving me a call: 951-391-1377. If you prefer we can communicate through email.

We have 17 clubs in Hemet.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Covid-19 Status

~ September 11, 2020 ~

League play this season is canceled due to the coronavirus.

We will meet again early next year to evaluate the outlook of spring and summer tournaments.

- The board

The Board and Executives


Left to Right:

George Hayner,  Howard Harrell, Lynda Goggin - Executive Committee; Alice Beers - President; Jeannie Gregory - Vice-President; Carol Anderson - Executive Committee; Janet Langemeier - Secretary; Harlan Mathews - Treasurer; Suzanne Shapiro (not pictured) - Past President

Other Committees

Tournament Director:     Lynda Goggin

Head Referee:                  George Hayner

Head Scorekeeper:         Carol Anderson

League Supervisor:        Jack Anderson

Courts:                              Paul Epps

Instruction:                      Gigi Briggs

Webmaster:                     Harlan Mathews

Public Relations:             Dean Grattidge

Directory:                         Lynda Goggin

Photographer:                 Harlan Mathews            

By-Laws and Rules

* Jeannie Gregory

* Jack Anderson

* Tootie Chittenden

* George Hayner

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