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Hi All Fellow Shufflers!

Let's pool our resources to help one another during this critical time by setting up accounts, filling out orders, and/or picking up bagged groceries and delivering the bags to doorsteps through Walmart's pickup service. Setting up the accounts involve using a credit card so there is no exchange of money.  You can do this yourself if you want. Since the groceries are prepaid and the bags are put in the car, the only items touched are the bags when they are delivered to the recipient's doorstep. The day and time for pick up is at your discretion.

If you want to volunteer or if you think this service would benefit you call: 626 919 8004, text: 626 862 8004, email: So far we have six volunteers: Carol Blasingame from The Lakes at Hemet West; Jack and Carol Anderson from Hemet Municipal; Mike and Dawn Gogan and Suzanne Shapiro from Seven Hills.  Expect a phone call from one of us as we reach out to see if you  need help or want to volunteer.

Stay Safe and Healthy - Big Hugs, -- Suzanne Shapiro, Past President

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