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The Quiet-Eye Advantage

Ever had one of those games when everything worked out in your favor and you just couldn't miss?

Well I haven't, but I tried taking a few extra seconds during my shots to focus on my aim spot during the Maxine Trachsel Tournament and ended up placing third in the championship, which I partially attribute to the "Quiet Eye" technique.

This is how I envisioned the process, lasting just a few seconds:

  • Concentrate on an aim point and let the outside activity fade away from your awareness.. You are aware of the goings on around you, but choose not to be distracted by them. Ignore them and simply focus on the spot. After making a commitment to the shot (not allowing second guessing), forget the blocks or the outcome, focus all of your attention on just the shot and let it happen naturally (without effort), all the while visualizing your disk going through your aim point.

At least that's the theory. I does make sense though, as it's hard to execute a difficult shot when you are worried about the block you are skirting, the conversations around you, if you still have your phone on mute, etc.

Here are a few short articles to get you introduced:

Check it out for yourself! I think of it as effectively getting into "the zone" for a few seconds. Think of the possibilities...

-Harlan Mathews (Webmaster)

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