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Lucky Luciano’s Hot Vegas Nights!

Since the cancellation of the Tamale Festival, we have been searching for avenues to promote shuffleboard in Hemet. The T-shirt sales have been very good, and more and more of them are being seen throughout town.

Now, there is a very unique opportunity to advance our cause. Many people in Hemet lament the lack of “anything to do.” The producer of Play With Your Food is presenting a gala event at the Simpson Center on August 24th & 25th. The extravaganza, titled, Lucky Luciano’s Hot Vegas Nights will incorporate all the variety elements from days gone by. There will be celebrity performers, comedy, magic, and dancing. We can attend wearing our shirts (already agreed upon), and Lucky Luciano himself will welcome our shufflers. The tickets are $30.00 each and include appetizers. We do need to have a count of how many are interested in order to plan this shuffleboard outreach. Please signal your interest by e-mail to subject: Hot Vegas Nights.

Please join us in directing attention to our sport while enjoying a rare event of this caliber in Hemet.

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