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Happy 100th Birthday!


How did Dorothy Arthur spend her 100th birthday? As a 12-year old she was interested in everything new and exciting. Bi-Wing Airplanes were common on the beach and she really wanted to fly in one. Money was scarce and she settled for a picture of her and the airplane. She has carried that picture for 88 years.

As time passed, the idea of flying in a Bi-Wing Airplane became stronger and stronger. Later as she approached her 100th birthday, Dorothy convinced herself that a flight may be possible and started saving her pennies. She shared her wish with friends and a friend suggested the Rotary Club of Cathedral City might like to be involved. A Rotary member, who is also a Docent at the Palm Springs Air Museum, suggested that the museum may also like to be involved even though this is the high season for the museum. The museum was interested and the flight was scheduled. On her March 3, 2019, birthday her long awaited dream came true and compliments of Palm Spring Air Museum, Dorothy took a flight in a Stearman Bi-Plane. A reception, compliments of Cathedral City Rotary Club, followed her exciting flight.

Dorothy spends her summers and was raised in Portland, Oregon, where her family would enjoy summers at the beach. In 1991, as a snowbird, Dorothy went to Tramview Park in Cathedral City, CA. Dorothy has been a District 5 shuffler for over 15 years. This year she played on the Desert Shuffler (social) team, mainly because her Hi-10 (competitive) team was eliminated due to the lack of players. If Dorothy wanted to continue shuffling, she had to play with the Desert Shufflers. She was a formidable opponent to many who met her on the courts. She also regularly plays in Tramview’s in-house league.

Dorothy still drives wherever she needs to go and many times chooses to drive herself to a shuffleboard game because she has to visit someone in that particular park after she plays. She has made friends wherever she has been.

Seven years ago this feisty, remarkable lady made an evening gown out of pop and beer tabs. Everyone at Tramview saved the tabs for her. The next year she made a train for the dress and rode, as an honorary guest, on a float in the Rose Parade in Oregon. Yes, she wore that 20 pound dress.

She’s active in the Tramview Shuffleboard Club and every year at the District 5 Singles Tournament, you can find Dorothy cashiering during the daily lunches.

It’s interesting how when all get involved, a wish of a 12-year old can become a reality. Asked how her flight was, as she got off the bi-plane, she said “I wish it would have gone faster”.

- Shirley Eager

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