Updated: Jun 28, 2018

This celebration was held in the Seven Hills Shuffleboard Club. There was a picture board/trophies and medals displayed, Frank Sinatra songs [his favorite] were played and coffee and cookies were served. Charles's picture and stick are mounted on the memorial wall opposite boards 2 & 3.

There was an excellent turnout for Charles. Here, Josh Jones is telling the attentive crowd poignet and funny stories about Charles, his best friend. They met for the first time as newbies to the game of shuffleboard in this very room. There were many stories shared that day. Daughter Nadine and son-in-law Don Funkhouser were there which made this day even sweeter. Nadine gave us all some insight to her dad's life as a lumber trucker, farmer and realtor. She shared a little glimpse of her grief by saying she catches herself listening for the sound of his knock on the door at 5:30PM, when he would drop by for dinner.

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