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Bank of Hemet Team Shuffle 2018

Large  Turnout for Team Tournament                

by Dean Grattidge,   District 7 Reporter


The upscale venue of Hemet West hosted this annual event from Sept. 5-7, 2018. Each of the 10 teams fielded approximately 10 players. The total number of entries was 102.


Leaders of the teams were:

Cap. Debra McCaffrey, Co-Cap. Margaret Irwin.  Cap. Howard Harrell, Co-Cap. George Baslak.  Cap. Nadine Hackett,

Co-Cap. Fran Hayner.  Cap. Kristi Brinegar, Co-Cap. Sharyn Metzner. Cap. Helen Noeltner, Co-Cap. Roland Schneider.

Cap. Tootie Chittenden, Co-Cap. Paul Epps. Cap. Dennis Sondrini, Co-Cap. T. J. Sondrini.. Cap. Ruby  Best, Co-Cap.

Wanda Souza.  Cap. Jeannie Gregory; Co-Cap Harry Gregory.  Cap. George Hayes, Co-Cap. Helen Bell.

Club president, Glenda Epps was continually on hand to help give support for this tournament as was Tootie Chittenden.

These were the partners having ramped up their skills from ordinary to extraordinary who accepted the handsome plaques honoring their success.


The first to fourth place finishes were by these teams:

First place: Kristi Brinegar and Sharyn Metzner, playing out of Villa del Monte.

Second place: led by Nadine Hackett and Fran Hayner from Hemet Muni.

Third place: Jeannie Gregory and Harry Gregory, bringing together their team from El Grande Estates.

Fourth place: Helen Bell, directing a team made up of SDSE players.

Again, Harlan Mathews down-loaded wonderful photos of the four top teams.

A number of participants stepped forward to receive their awards from the door prize drawings.

As is now a tradition, Aaron Young, officer of The Bank of Hemet, stopped by to hand out the awards to the winners.

We commend the bank for their funding and sponsorship.

Careful maintenance of the boards was in the hands of Paul Epps.

Looking forward to a well-run tournament like this next year.


First Place: Villa Del Monte



Second Place: Hemet Muni


Third Place: El Grande Estates


Fourth Place:  Sierra Dawn SE

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