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Time to Get Involved!

Fellow Shufflers;

Whether you play shuffleboard, support a spouse or friend who plays or just watch the game, you do so because you must enjoy the game and/or the people involved.  

Those of us who serve shuffleboard enjoy,the satisfaction of contributing, and like using our brains and making a difference.  We are now retired and have a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from our working years.  We have lots of life in us, special talents and ideas to share. 

Marolyn and I were introduced to Shuffleboard a little over ten years ago. We found what you all know, that it is a great game that anyone can play and enjoy. We jumped in with both feet by participating in League play, California, Utah, and Washington State Senior Games, National Senior Games in Minnesota, Team Tournaments in Arizona, Goodwill games in Texas, and International Games in Canada etc. You get the picture. 

Six years ago, we saw how much the organization and health of Shuffleboard depended on its volunteers. We decided to get involved. Once more, with both feet, kind of a theme, I was encouraged to run for President of CSA and Hemet West Shuffleboard Club. My time spent in these offices has been very rewarding. Many, many new friends, not only in California and other states, but even in other countries. And none of this would have been possible without the involvement, support and dedication of my fellow board members and of course Marolyn has been there supporting me all the way.

I’ve written this letter to you because the future of shuffleboard in Hemet, and in other Districts, is in jeopardy. The upcoming District 7 elections are very important and will determine the future of the District.  In December, the California Shuffleboard Association will also have elections. We need nominees for the office vacancies on both Boards.  This is my last year as President of CSA, however, I will be around to support CSA, District 7 and shuffleboard in general.  But, it is time for YOU to run for an office and I am asking you to consider joining the CSA or District 7 Boards.  Please, GET INVOLVED!

By: Jay Davidson, CSA President

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