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Valley-Wide Oldlympics 2018

"Grandaddy" of All Tournaments-2018       - by: Dean Grattidge


From Sept. 18-20th, Hemet Muni hosted the Oldlympics shuffleboard tournament. This concludes the summer schedule.

Event chairpersons Lynda Goggin and Helen Noeltner worked overtime creating and upgrading this challenging schedule.

Head scorekeeper Carol Anderson collected and verified the multitude of score cards. A total of 88 participants signed on for this annual event. Head ref was George Hayner.  Games were 12-frame under district rules.

Ray Ackenhausen vaulted into first place and stepped forward to qualify for his medal. Awards to be handed out Tues. Oct. 2

at the Valley-Wide Regional Park on Esplanade.

Hemet Muni president, Jim Hutson was available at the venue to help work through any glitches.

The results of the competition are as follows:

Consolation Bracket (Back row, left to right):

First place, Jerry Yakel (Mountain Shadows)

Second place, Janet Langenmeier (Hemet Muni)

Third place, Ken Norris (Hemet West)

Fourth place, Dean Grattidge (Hemet Muni)


Championship (front row, left to right):

First place, Ray Ackenhausen (Golden Village Palms)

Second place, Helen Noeltner (SDSE)

Third place, Fran Hayner (Hemet Muni)

Fourth place, Charles Smith (Hemet West)

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Oldlympics banquet, Tuesday evening, Oct. 2

The Gallery

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