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Valley-Wide Oldlympics 2019

At Sierra Dawn SE on September 23-26, Oldlymic players competed for the coveted medals.  Special thanks to the people who made this possible, including Head Scorekeeper Carol Anderson, Head Referee George Hayner, Tournament ATM's Lynda Goggin, Robert Brooks & Helen Noeltner, and of course the ever present Board Crew.

- Harlan Mathews, Webmaster

The Winners


   1st Place: Harlan Mathews (EG)

   2nd Place: Janet Langemeier (HM)

   3rd Place: Harry Gregory (EG)

   4th Place: Ken Phipps (HW)


   1st Place: George Baslak (FH)

   2nd Place: Jerrel Yakel (MS)

   3rd Place: Mike Garrett (EG)

   4th Place: Rachel Yakel (MS)

Spousal Competition

The Yakels battle for placement

The Gallery

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