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Maxine Trachsel any Singles 2018

Honoring a Leader; August 13-15, 2018

by Dean Grattidge   District 7 Reporter


A near-perfect number of players signed on for the annual tournament commemorating the life of Maxine Trachsel, promoter of a robust program of shuffleboard at SDSE , that number being 64.

Volunteers who stepped forward to put together this event: ATM's Lynda Goggin and Helen Noeltner. Helen is the president of SDSE. She was constantly on duty. Head scorekeeper, Tootie Chittenden, head ref, George Hayner, Board crew of Mitch Herbert, Bill Bernatzski and Al Elias carefully prepared the boards each day.

A large committee presented the lunches every day:  Betty Elias, Vicki Dumar, Silvia Hill, Susie Welshopp and Joanne Henderson. A nice selection was on the menu: Hot dogs, Chili dogs, chef salad and nachos, plus a drink, with dessert of cakes and ice cream.

A large selection of cash and gift certificates, 19 total, was made available by The Bank of Hemet and Walmart of Hemet.

Many thanks to them and to the above-mentioned large group of volunteers.

Players and spectators marvel at he elegant idyllic murals that embrace the courts on each side. This has been on-going for many years.

It certainly has become clear that these winners used their board-reading skills and incorporated that knowledge into their overall strategy!

And so, into the archives of the shuffleboard record book go the eight winners -


First place, Robert Brooks (SDSE), second place, Larry Pierce (Foothills of Hemet), third place, Harry Gregory

(El Grande Estates), and fourth place, Kristi Brinegar (Villa del Monte) (Her first tournament win).


First place, George Hayes (GVP), second place, Gerry Abbott (CCC), third place, Claudette Patterson (Foothills

of Hemet) (Her first tournament win), and fourth place, Travis McCorkle (Foothills of Hemet) (His first victory in tournament competition).

Always enjoy the camera work of Harlan Mathews for supplying the photos of the winners.

Aaron Young, officer of The Bank of Hemet, was generous with his time and effort  to come by and hand out the winners' awards. We thank him and the bank for their continued support.

Also wish to thank all who contributed to make this a memorable CSA any singles event.

The Winners

Presenting the awards are the Bank of Hemet representative Aaron Young and Sierra Dawn SE club president Helen Noeltner



The Gallery

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