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Friendship Team Tournament 2019

The friendship team tournament was played at Golden Village Palms on May 20 & 21, 2019.  CSA rules applied to these 12-frame games where players switched sides taking their colors with them at half time.  All 52 winners qualify for entry into the Hall of Fame CSA Any Singles Tournament scheduled for Dec. 27, 2019 at Golden Village Palms!

First place.jpg

First Place: 19 points, Team 4

Captain: Suzanne Shapiro, Bill Caslar, Jackie Gilbert, Dawn, Mike Gogan, Jerry Hand, Nelda Lichtwald, Patty Nehf, Loren Nelson, Ken Norris, Diane Pierce, Maria Rios, and Len Sweet


Second Place:17 Points, Team 3

Captain:Wanda Souza, Ruby Best, Krisi Brinegar, Mary Draine, Everett Harbison, George Hayes, Jo Ann Henderson, Bob Henderson, Mary Kaiser, Debra McCaffrey, Helen Noeltner, Claudette Patterson, Ingrid Thomas

Third Place: 16 Points, Team 2

Captain: Mike Garrett, George Baslak, Ann Cantu, Howard Harrell, John Hays, Marianne Hoope, Bob Licthwald, Harlan Mathews, Ron Needham, Gloria Osborne, Larry Pierce


Fourth Place: 16 Points, Team 1

Captain: Jay Davidson, Carol Blasingame, Pat Bowman, Jay Davidson, Chuck Davis, Ron Dewberry, Lorraine Donahue, Monica Ekstrom, De De Malone, Jim Nehf, Ken Phipps, Roland Schneider, Ruth Schneider, Don Watson

Thanks to ATM Helen Bell, Rita Diedrich and all the supporting volunteers.



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