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Emmett Allen any Singles 2021

First tournament since the "re-opening" ---- July 26-29 at Seven Hills

     First of all, Seven Hills Shuffleboard Club would like to thank the wealth of experts who donated their skill and time in making our tournament a success.   It requires many hours of phone calls to get referees and scorekeepers, organize charts and monitor the scoreboards. Last but not least, thank you to all our referees, scorekeepers and Dawn Gogan for setting up coffee and donuts each morning with a cheerful Hawaiian theme, and Katie from Blessed Creations for catering our lunches. Thank you all for your dedication and commitment. 

     Every year seems to be better than the last but this year was special in many ways. We were all able to gathered together after a long period of isolation.  How great it was to gather and hear the background noise of friends reuniting, having a good time and debating shuffleboard strategy.  I wish I had the camera ready to capture the heartfelt hug between Lou and Clark at the end of their final championship game. It encapsulated all I’m trying to say.  

     Our Master of Ceremonies, Mary Davis, will be leaving us soon, moving to Northern California to be near her daughter and son-in-law.  I can’t remember a Seven Hills tournament where Mary has not been the guiding “elder” in the room who knew all the ins and outs of doing all things shuffleboard at Seven Hills. She and her late husband Chuck Davis filled in all the deficits with ease and expertise.  As members pass, move away or quite due to health issues, Mary has always been here. This year, after all was said and done and the room was empty except for the two of us it hit me that this is probably our last time to share this experience.  No announcements or pictures to commemorate this turning point.  So, I’m writing this piece instead because some things cannot be left unsaid.  Thank you, Mary, for all you’ve done for our club but most of all your leadership and friendship. You will be sorely missed. 

-Suzanne Shapiro 

Special recognition was given to the people who make this all possible, including:

  • Tournament Director - Suzanne Shapiro

  • MC - Mary Davis

  • ATM - Lynda Goggin, assisted by Carol Anderson

  • Head referee - George Hayner, assisted by Ron Dewberry

  • Head scorekeeper - Carol Anderson, assisted by Carol Blasingame

  • Head boardman - Bob Henderson, assisted by Mike Gogan  and Don Cook

  • Coffee and Doughnuts - Dawn Gogan

  • Lunches - catered by  Blessed Creations

  • DeDe Malone reffed every game she did not play.

  • 50/50  - Polly English

  • Photographers - Harlan Mathews, and special guest Michelle Felix

The Winners

Presenting the awards were Suzanne Shapiro (7-Hills President) and Mary Davis (Master of Ceremonies)



From left to right:
Steve Piccinonno (HW) - 3rd place, Clark Wilson (MS) - 1st place, Lou Wilson (MS) - 2nd place, Vince Oliveri (7H) 4th place



From left to right:
Mayolyn Davidson (HW) - 1st place, Mike Garrett (EG) - 2nd place, Del Ferris (HM) - 3rd place, Lucy Hand (HW) - 4th place


The Gallery

*** Click on an image to scroll through the gallery (full screen mode is best) ***

We were graced with a collection of black & white photographs taken by Michelle Felix (Hilario Felix's daughter), a professional Hollywood photographer!

Check them out below!



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