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David Miller Memorial Mens/Ladies Singles Tournament 2022

The ATM's pulled it off -- two tournaments ran simultaneously at Heather Estates, a newly renewed CSA member, on Aug. 15-17.  Interspersed throughout the 8 boards, the men competed amongst each other while the Ladies did the same, resulting in a fun, busy pair of tournaments. A 50/50 drawing was held at the end, as well as drawings for other prizes including a handmade quilt and assorted gift basket.

This tournament is dedicated to the memory of David Miller, a former very active member of the Heather Estates shuffleboard club.

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to the




Jan Zerr (HE)

Nicole Yergeau (FH)

Special thanks to those who originated this tournament and made it possible!


Left to right: ATMs Alice Beers and Jeannie Gregory, Grace Ferrone (Heather Estates Vice President), and Del Ferris (HE President). 
~ ~ ~
Not pictured: Head Referee George Hayner, Head Scorekeeper Tootie Chittenden and the board crew

The Winners

Men's Championship


From Left to Right:

First place -  Roger Kroger (SDSE); Second Place - Larry Pierce (FH); Third Place - David Ruch (SC); Fourth Place - Harry Gregory (EGE)

Men's Consolation


From Left to Right:

First place -  Mike Gogan (7-H); Second Place - Robert Lichtwald (LHW); Third Place Don Rahn (SDSE); Fourth Place - Harlan Mathews (EGE)

Ladies' Championship


From Left to Right:

First place -  Linda Haynes (SDSE);  Second Place - Martha Gasche (FH); Third Place - Jan Zerr (HE); Fourth Place - Nicole Yergeau (FH)

Ladies' Consolation


From Left to Right:

First place -  Jean Baldwin (Muni);  Second Place - Wanda Souza (7-H); Third Place - Connie Clark-King (LHW); Fourth Place - Linda Gerbasi - (SDSE)

The Gallery

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