CSA Any Singles Tournament - 2019

The Winners

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~ Presenting the awards are Liz Backus (former president) and Jeff Smith (president) ~

~ Sun City, May 6-8, 2019 ~


First Place: Mike Garrett (EGE)
Second Place: Robert Brooks (SDSE)
Third Place: Robert Lichtwald (HW)
Fourth Place: Loren Nelson (HW)
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First Place: Sharon Massey (SC)
Second Place: Jerry White (SDS)
Third Place: Bob Hackett (HM)
Fourth Place: Mona Smith (SC)
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Group Photos

~ Championship ~
Left to right: Fourth place - Loren Nelson (HW); Third place - Robert Lichtwald (HW); Second place - Robert Brooks (SDSE); First Place: Mike Garrett (EGE)
~ Consolation ~
Left to right: Fourth place - Mona Smith (SC); Third place - Bob Hackett (HM); Second place - Jerry White (SDS); First Place: Sharon Massey (SC)
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The Gallery

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