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CSA any Singles Tournament 2018

Congratulations to Sun City's any Singles Tournament held Monday July 9th through Wednesday the 11th 2018. There were 60 register participants representing Colonial Country Club, El Grande , Golden Village Palms, Foothills of Hemet, Hemet Muni, Hemet West, Sierra Dawn Southeast , Seven Hills and Villa Del Monte.


Congratulations also goes to the following players who won their divisions:


Second Place: Team 5

(Left to right) First Place Bob Klingenberg, Second Place Larry Pierce, Third Place Tootie Chittenden, Fourth Place Tom Armijo (absent - taken to hospital).


(Left to right) First Place Jay Davidson, Second Place David Ruch, Third Place Amber Brown, Fourth Place Georgia Stufflebeam.

Second Place: Team 5

On behalf of the District 7 tournament team and it does take a team to have a successful tournament.  From the Board Crews, the ATMs, the Referees and the Scorekeepers. I would like to extend  a thank you to all. Especially to those scorekeepers and referees who were not playing and came out to help anyhow. As this Tournaments Head Scorekeeper it was my pleasure to have so many volunteers respond to my call and needs.  It's hard enough to fill Karla's big shoes she is sorely missed.


Thank you again, Carol Blasingame

PS. Best wishes to our 4h place championship winner Tom Armijo who was taken away by ambulance during the playoffs!


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