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CSA any Doubles Tournament 2018

by Dean Grattidge  District 7 Reporter

Hemet West hosted the annual CSA any doubles tournament from July 23-27, 2018.  A total of 96 players took part in this event. Games were 12-frame, doubled, with players changing sides at half time, taking their discs with them.

Personnel volunteering their efforts were:

ATM's Lynda Goggin and Carole Anderson, scorekeeper, Nelda Lichtwald, head ref, George Hayner and a three man crew maintaining the boards in a professional manner: Paul Epps, Ken Norris and Charles Smith.

Funding was provided by The Bank of Hemet and Hemet West Management. Many thanks to them for that.

Three businesses contributed 21 wonderful gift certificates and cash: Chili's Restaurant, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Applebee's Restaurant.

One can only surmise that these winners ostensibly articulated the essential elements of shuffleboard success: sound decision-making, checking the scoreboard,  maintaining their balance and rhythm in shooting and patience.  It's always an honor to acknowledge the winners.

Lunches were great - many thanks to Becky Grass and Glenda Epps. Choices for four days being: ham sandwiches, turkey sandwiches and Hawaiian  chicken salad, with a drink, chips and a cookie.

Again,  many thanks to all volunteers and players working together to make this such a successful event.

Championship Winners

Awards presented by Hemet West shuffleboard president Paul Epps


First Place: Robert Brooks (SDSE) & Jay Davidson (HW)


Second Place: Grace Ferrone (Muni) & John Brock (CCC)


Third Place: Liz Backus & Bob Klingenberg (Sun City)


Fourth Place: Amber Brown & Jack Anderson (Muni)

Consolation Winners


First Place: Ron Needham (7-Hills) & Paul Egly (SDSE - absent)


Second Place: Linda Cullup & Norma Farmer (HW)


Third Place: Jackie & David O'Gwynn (Villa del Monte)


Fourth Place: Georgia Marchand & Gerry Abbott (CCC)


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