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Tournament of Champions 2019

Championship Shuffleboard Tournament     

     by Dean Grattidge,   District 7 Reporter

There were 43 entries in this event, all of whom had won in a previous tournament.  It was a non-sanctioned single elimination event.

It was completed in two days, Jan. 4th and 5th, 2019.

The first place finisher received a handsome plaque and all winners received a cash award.

Supportive personnel were Lynda Goggin and Helen Noeltner.


The four winners were (left-to-right): fourth place, Ruth Schneider (SDSE), third place, Linda Cullop, (Hemet West), second place, Jay Davidson (Hemet West), and first place, Ron Dewberry (Hemet Muni).

Door prize awards were from Jack in The Box and Jersey Mike's Subway Sandwich shop.

Thanks to SDSE for hosting this event.

The Cinema

District 7 Ventures Into Moving Pictures!    

     by Harlan Mathews,   District 7 Photographer

I'm trying something new, taking movies of the championship rounds.  I think they are fun to watch as you can feel the anticipation.  Click on the image to see the results.



The Gallery

*** Click on an image to scroll through the gallery (full screen mode is best) ***

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