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Bonspiel Tournament 2018

Bonspiel in The Limelight

by  Dean Grattidge   District 7 "Reporter


From June 18-20, 2018, Hemet Muni hosted the centerpiece of summer tournament competition, which has been played here

for nearly two decades. The format for grouping players is unique to an event of this nature:

Players are assigned to one of four brackets as a result of their performance in their first two games.

Win first two games; Red bracket; win first and lose second, Green; lose first and win second, Blue; and lose first two games, Purple.

This is how you add intrigue to the game: temporarily rescind the kitchen 10-point penalty. Whew!

Many volunteers stepped up to assure a successful outcome:

ATM's Lynda Goggin and Helen Noeltner, promoter, Janet Langenmeier, while Carol Anderson as multi-tasking, confirming score cards, kitchen supervisor and keeping ahead of many details to keep the program running smoothly.

George Hayner was head ref, Cheryl Dewberry spent many hours in managing the kitchen, where lunches were offered each day. Lunches included pulled-pork sandwiches, hot dogs, and chicken, with salad as an option. Desserts were provided with the $5.00 lunches.

Board maintenance crew was Bob Hackett, George Hayner and Paul Epps.

Hemet Muni members were given first choice to register and play, and any other openings were made available to anyone who

called in from other clubs.

We are grateful to these sponsors who helped with funding: The Bank of Hemet (always a reliable friend of the community),

Mike Walker's DuraDress and Dale Herbert's "First Team" Real Estate.

A number of businesses made fine gift certificate donations: Carl's Junior Restaurant, Farmer Boys Market, In n Out Burgers,

Jack-in-the Box, Stadium Pizza, Sweet Baby Jane's Barbecue, Home Town Buffet and Steer n Stein Restaurant. We really

appreciate their contributions.

Data for the winners breaks down as follows: A win receives 2 points, ties received only one point. Spread points up to thirty

points determined your order of finish.

Division - Red                                                          game points   spread points

   First place, Roland Schneider (SDSE)                       12                   115

   Second place, Al Elias  (SDSE)                                   12                    77

   Third place,  Ingrid Thomas  (Hemet West)              10                   118

Division - Green

   First place, Jay Davidson  (Hemet West)                   10                  106

  Second place, Fran Hayner (Hemet Muni)                  10                  105

  Third place, Alice Beers (Foothills of Hemet)               8                    84


Division - Blue

  First place, Robert Brooks (SDSE)                              10                   113

  Second place, Ruth Schneider (SDSE)                       10                     99

  Third place, Steve Piccinonno (Hemet West)               8                    115

Division - Purple

  First place, Mike Feazell (Seven Hills)                           8                     70

  Second place, Dean Grattidge (Hemet Muni)                7                     55

  Third place, Mona Smith (Sun City)                                5                     10

Winners received a pin and handsome vest.  

The Winners

Presenting the awards are Anderson and Jim Hutson





The Gallery

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